Journal Entries

One of the most common kinds of blog posts are journal entries. Many people keep journals of their thoughts, their daily life, their travels, restaurants they've visited, music they like, book read, etc.. The only real difference with blogging is that other people can read what you've written, if you choose to share your blog with the public. Journaling is said to be therapeutic, and is reported to be a good way to reduce stress -- something about getting things out and on paper (or on the web as the case may be). Some people keep journals all their lives, and have a wealth of memories they can reflect on, or a place to start when they want to write their memoirs.

I am not going to belabor this post, or try to tell anyone how to write a journal entry... I'm sure you already know your experience. However, sometimes by writing things down and then looking at what you wrote later on, you may discover things about yourself that you didn't know. If you're stuck for ideas about what to write for a journal entry, try to draw on the simple things in life. Maybe conversations you had at school, or waiting in the line at the grocery store, or even what you had for lunch. I am always amazed by how much there is in the ordinary and seemingly insignificant things in life -- the mundane world is brimming with possibility.

If you are interested in what other people write for journal entries, I'd recommend checking out a blog called Razor blade of life. The author, who calls herself "Z" (though somehow I'm sure that's not her real name ;) has been keeping her blog since 2006 and has roughly 1600 posts.

Happy journaling!


I generally use my livejournal to rant about things in my life. It can be very therapeutic!

December 9, 2009 at 6:12 PM
Jon said...

Therapeutic for sure... that's been my experience of journaling too. And rants are definitely a good way to blow off steam!

December 10, 2009 at 3:16 PM
Harlequin said...

Jon-- thanks for this prompt... it has inspired my post on resolution or folly
and looking forward to all these creative opportunities you have set forth...
what wonderful little treasures...

December 19, 2009 at 11:08 AM